SIRUI HC series Electronic Humidity Control Cabinet
SIRUI HC Series Humidity Control Cabinets are widely used for storing expensive objects or precision accessories like jewelries, lenses, photography equipment, optical devices, electronic products, microcomputer chip, etc. It can effectively prevent the objects from mildewing and extend the uselife.
5 Models for option:
HC30 with a small loading tray inside the up right corner.
HC50 with one adjustable loading trays.
HC70 with two adjustable loading trays.
HC110 with three adjustable loading trays.
HC200 with two doors and 4 adjustable loading trays.
Model: HC50
Height: 520mm/20.5inch
Width: 400mm/15.7inch
Depth: 335mm/13.2inch
Weight: 12.7Kg/28.0lbs
Capacity: 50L
Model: HC70
Height: 680mm/26.8inch
Width: 400mm/15.7inch
Depth: 335mm/13.2inch
Weight: 16.2Kg/35.7lbs
Capacity: 70L
Model: HC110
Height: 820mm/32.3inch
Width: 450mm/17.7inch
Depth: 380mm/15.0inch
Weight: 23.5Kg/51.8lbs
Capacity: 110L
Model: HC200
Height: 1250mm/49.2inch
Width: 450mm/17.7inch
Depth: 420mm/16.5inch
Weight: 36.5Kg/80.5lbs
Capacity: 200L
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